Dad Wears Shorts. A Wedding Story.

When selecting services \ vendors for your wedding, make sure they
are celebration solutionists! Professionals who can take your unique
requests and turn them into special moments. Here’s an example.

During a recent planning session the bride said she wanted her father
daughter dance right after the ceremony. I said that would be fine.
After pictures, and the introduction, she can dance with her dad.

She said no, not after the introduction, immediately after the ceremony.
I asked why? She then explained that her dad always wears shorts. And
even though this was a formal wedding, dad would not stay in his long
pants past the ceremony.

No problem. We played the ceremony recessional music, the bride and
groom exited the ceremony, and dad was waiting for them at the end
of the aisle.

With all the guests standing and watching, dad, in his long pants, took
his daughter’s hand, the groom stepped aside, the music changed, and
they shared their father daughter dance right then and there, at
the end of the ceremony aisle.

It was not the norm. But the perfect solution for their celebration.
And yes 30 seconds after their dance, dad was in his shorts.