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Avatar Image Peter Weldon

Pete has been deejaing in one form or another since 1983. Whether it be radio, nightclub, or mobile, Pete has done it. Pete learned his craft by working with companies such as W*H*E*N Sound Images, Dancin' Machine, and Dance Connections before starting DJ Enterprises in 1993. Radio stations include WHEN, WIUM, WJEQ, WIUS, WXET, WAIT, WKRS, WXLC, WJMK, WZOK, and WIND. Nightclubs include Annex, Fiddlesicks, Waterfalls, Flanagan's, and a 4 year residency at the Ramada Inn, Waukegan, as well as a host of smaller venues. Since 2005, Pete has been working with Chicago radio legend Dick Biondi as his official mobile DJ, performing sock hops in and around the Chicago area, traveling as far south as Springfield, IL and into Indiana. In addition to the sock hops, Pete performs at various types of events with the main focus being weddings. He's also been a member of the ADJA since 2008, showing his commitment to learning and growing.

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