Iconic Leader of Apple dies at 56. The World Is Better Because He Was In It.

Wednesday Oct 5th, Iconic visionary Steve Jobs passes from a long battle with Cancer.  Steve Jobs built a company that created personal computing, was fired from that company only later to be brought back to resurrect it, & resurrect it he did!  He created technologies that changed everyone’s lives directly or indirectly.  He create whole new catagories of technologies.

He changed the way music was bought & sold in the world, literally saving the music industry from itself.  Where would music be today without iTunes?  While professional DJs have always gotten their music from Professional Music Services such as Promo Only, iTunes restored people’s interest in music & in listening to new forms of music they might not have, had they needed to buy a $20 CD to do so.

He changed wireless Telecommunications with the first & still the most popular smartphone in the world.  The only instructions you needed was a finger or two, & the ability to touch.

He touched so many lives with technologies that enriched the human experience.  Personally, he represented the best of what we hope in a nation, that anyone can have a dream & make it happen if they are willing to do the work.  He has spawned numerous technologies that we use everyday without really knowing their origin.  He defined what it meant at a CEO to be all in.  His salary?  $1/year.  He banked his future on that of the company he led.  I wished more CEOs would do likewise.  Think how much more focused they would be without a golden parachute.  But maybe they don’t, because they know that their no Steve Jobs……

Steve Jobs was to our day, what Edison was to his.  I think I am feeling the need to pull out a black turtleneck & jeans today……  To remember if for just a while the value & power of a single life really has to shape our world……..