ADJA Members Win Big at Atlantic City!

We are so excited to see the advancement of ADJA members as they lead the industry.  This year in Atlantic City at The DJExpo’s “DJ of the Year” contest, we were able to see to solid ADJA members walk away big.  Darryl “Jake” Jacobsen walked away with Game of the Year. This game was solid. No goofy ring toss. Jake took a simple sketching game, flipped it around and made it an incredibly high energy game, yet it was so simple in nature. A quality game that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to do at your next event.

Then to really wrap the night ADJA Chicago member Jazmine Gonzalez walked away with the coveted top honor of “DJ of The Year”. This is actually Jazmine’s second time to walk out with the victor’s crown at the DJ of The Year contest. That says something right there for her innovative, creative entertainment ideas.

This year she demonstrated a high energy, innovative dance routine, that really connected to the audience. She worked the floor like a master, getting one side of the room then the other raising the roof off of the Casbah. Congrats to awesome ADJA members. When you see them give them a High Five. We are pleased to see that more ADJA members are viewed as the top performers by their peers than members of any other organization.